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            • The Complexity of Lion Roars May 13, 2021

              Lions are the only big cats that are truly social. Roaring is a key component of lion social behavior and territoriality. A lion’s roar is arguably the world’s most iconic animal sound. Roars can be heard from over several kilometers away when conditions are right. The sound is deafening and awe-inspiring when heard from nearby.

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            • South Africa Bans Commercialized Captive Lion Facilities May 6, 2021

              The South African government recently decided to ban the captive lion industry in their country, a move applauded by conservationists. The commercial use of captive lions has been a source of concern and controversy for years, with over 360 facilities holding between 8,000 and 12,000 lions throughout South Africa.

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            • andBeyond's Podcast with Dr. Peter Lindsey Discusses the Future of Lions April 28, 2021

              andBeyond, a key member of the Lionscape Coalition, recently released a podcast featuring Dr. Peter Lindsey, Director of the Lion Recovery Fund. In this fascinating interview, Dr. Lindsey discusses the major threats that lions face, conservation efforts to prevent further lion population decline, and their future in the wild.

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            • Learning to Value the Lives of Lions April 9, 2021

              With a recent grant from the Lion Recovery Fund, the Lion Coalition Project, which is led by the Niassa Lion Project, is employing an innovative conservation approach wherein communities are incentivized to protect wildlife, reducing human-lion conflict and turning lions from a liability to a financial benefit.

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            • Translocation May No Longer Be a Solution to Human-Lion Conflict March 25, 2021

              In many African countries, governments support conservationists relocating problematic lions that prey on livestock. This is generally a much better solution than killing the big cats, and for decades, wildlife managers have used translocation as a humane way to reduce human-lion conflict. But recent studies suggest that this method may not be working.

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            • Attracting Investment to Africa's Protected Area Network March 19, 2021

              Africa has a vast and incredible network for protected areas (PAs), boasting by far the greatest diversity and abundance of large mammals in the world. However, the wildlife authorities charged with managing and protecting these areas often suffer from severe funding shortages as African governments juggle an array of competing developmental challenges.

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