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            Understanding the trade in lion body parts

            Matusadona Lion Project
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            Grantee TRAFFIC
            Type Tackling Illegal Wildlife Trade
            Location Tanzania and Mozambique
            Grant Amount $130,318
            Duration 2 years

            Over recent years there has been a marked spike in targeted poaching of lions for their body parts. However, little is currently known about the trade – the source of the demand, the trade routes, the types of body parts most in demand, or the nature of the players involved in the trade. TRAFFIC has designed a study to improve understanding of these issues, as a precursor to more effective law enforcement. Their objective is to undertake in-depth trade studies in Tanzania and Mozambique, before moving on to other range-states. Tanzania is a key site because it holds Africa’s largest lion population. Mozambique also holds a significant lion population, and is a country where targeted lion poaching is known to be severe.