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            Supporting the management of Chizarira National Park

            Jeff Lemond
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            Grantee National Park Rescue
            Type Protected Area Management
            Location Zimbabwe
            Grant Amount $90,000
            Duration 1 year


            Chizarira National Park and the adjacent Chirisa Safari Area are two of the most neglected Protected Areas (PA) in Zimbabwe. National Parks Rescue (NPR) is working to support the efforts of the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority to manage Chizarira. The area has a solid founder population of lions and has potential for significant recovery as the poaching is gradually brought under control.   

            Update: LRF supported NPR with funds for the purchase of a new vehicle to assist with deployments of rangers for patrols and then a second grant to help provide budgetary support as a result of reduced income incurred as a result of the COVID crisis.