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            Securing Africa’s vast array of semi-protected areas

            Bhargava Srivari
            Grantee Conservation Capital
            Type Conservation Planning
            Location Africa-wide
            Grant Amount $963,000
            Duration 3 years

            Intact ecosystems represent a source of present and future wealth for society. Africa has an extensive protected area network that contributes substantially to ecosystem function, landscape connectivity, biodiversity conservation, provision of ecosystem services and economic opportunities for rural communities. Large tracts of this network are, however, under imminent threat of being lost. Much of the network is comprised of ‘semi-protected areas’ (i.e. not national parks). These semi-protected areas are concessions managed by private sector operators for sustainable utilization. Many of these areas have been gradually falling into a state of disrepair due to under-investment and are standing vacant and becoming gradually depleted of wildlife. Conservation Capital is working on a plan to help revitalize these areas through attracting conservation investment. 

            In late 2020, LRF issued a major grant of $800,000 to Conserve to help kickstart their operations and enable them to bid for their first areas. If Conserve is able to gain traction it will have the potential to have a transformative impact on one of the key issues facing lion conservation - the vexing question of how to introduce conservation management to the most neglected parts of Africa’s protected area estate.