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            Reducing human-lion conflict in northern Tanzania

            Susan McConnell
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            Grantee Big Life Foundation
            Type Human-wildlife Coexistence
            Location Tanzania
            Grant Amount $19,630
            Duration 1 year

            The work of NGOs to engage communities in addressing human-lion conflict in southern Kenya have significantly improved human tolerance for lions in the region, helping promote coexistence and increase lion populations. Big Life is a key player in these efforts. Following their successes in Kenya, Big Life aims to expand their program into the adjacent Enduimet Wildlife Management Area in Tanzania; a move which has the potential of making a 4,000 sq.km (1,544 sq. miles) area more conducive to lion conservation. The Lion Recovery Fund has approved a grant to support their efforts. As a first step, Big Life will evaluate their options for undertaking conflict mitigation and develop a plan that is mutually favorable to communities and the various NGOs operating in the area. Once a strategy has been developed, Big Life will approach the LRF for funding to help implement it.