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            Recovering Angola’s lion population

            Steve Mandel
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            Grantee Panthera
            Type Protected Area Management
            Location Angola
            Grant Amount $100,000
            Duration 1 year

            Luengue-Luiana National Park is the largest park in Angola at about 30,000 square miles, roughly twice the size of Switzerland. Two years ago, Panthera completed a survey of carnivores in the park and found only 30 or so lions remaining. The primary threat facing them appeared to be extensive poaching of their prey species for bushmeat. Panthera recently secured an agreement with the Angolan government to provide financial and technical support for the management of the park. Luengue-Luiana is adjacent to well-stocked protected areas in Namibia; if Panthera can provide effective site-security, lions and their prey species can be expected to recover swiftly. The Lion Recovery Fund’s grant will enable Panthera to purchase essential equipment and hire key staff to kick-start their site-security efforts.