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            Piloting Wildlife Credits Performance Payments in North West Namibia

            Desert Lion Conservation
            Grantee Community Conservation Fund of Namibia
            Type Human-wildlife Coexistence
            Location Namibia
            Grant Amount $200,000
            Duration 3 years

            The LRF has already invested heavily in tackling human lion conflict in North West Namibia, but in late 2020 the fund also invested in a novel approach to incentivize coexistence between people and lions in community conservancies. Recognizing the significant cost that comes with living with lions, WWF have designed a program that rewards communities financially for living with and conserving lions. This is significant because it helps to diversify the financial incentives for conservation away from an over-reliance on tourism - and directly rewards communities for their conservation efforts. The wildlife credits program acknowledges and rewards the role of local people as custodians over lions on behalf of the world.