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            Investigating lion distribution and conservation threats in Tanzania’s Selous landscape

            Ruaha Carnivore Project
            Grantee Amy Dickman, WildCru
            Type Conservation Planning
            Location Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania
            Grant Amount $150,000
            Duration 2 years

            Earlier in 2019, the LRF provided support to Franfurt Zoological Society (FZS) to help tackle snaring and livestock incursions into Selous Game Reserve and to shore up management of the area. However, there is a notable lack of lion-specific work going on in the area. Amy Dickman submitted a proposal that was developed in conjunction with FZS to help fill this gap. She requested funding for two activities: a) a survey of lions in Selous to figure out the numbers and distribution of the species; b) to undertake a survey of communities and other stakeholders to identify the key threats to lions in the reserve, as a prelude to developing interventions to tackle those challenges.