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            Growing capacity across the KAZA landscape

            Gabby Salazar
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            Grantee Moreangels Mbizah / Panthera
            Type Conservation Leadership
            Location Zimbabwe
            Grant Amount $30,000
            Duration 1 year

            The LRF recognizes the critical shortage of young African conservation leaders and is in the process of developing a strategy to help develop a production line of prospective candidates. Moreangels Mbizah is a female Zimbabwean who recently qualified with a PhD on lion conservation from Oxford University. The LRF has provided Panthera with a $30,000 grant to enable them to offer Moreangels a conservation internship. This internship will require Moreangels to work on a variety of initiatives related to lion conservation in the KAZA transfrontier conservation area. This work will benefit lion conservation directly and will also develop Moreangels’s skills as a future conservation leader.