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            Emergency support for law enforcement in Niassa National Reserve

            Keith Begg
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            Grantee Niassa Lion Project/TRT Conservation
            Type Protected Area Management
            Location Niassa National Reserve, Mozambique
            Grant Amount $1,062,272
            Duration 4.5 years

            The LRF has now provided three grants to Niassa, via the Niassa Carnivore Project, each designed to strengthen collaborative law enforcement efforts. Niassa holds one of Africa’s largest lion populations, and by far the largest population in Mozambique - with over 800 individuals. However, the population is declining due to a combination of threats, principally loss of prey due to bushmeat poaching and targeted poaching of lions for body parts. The first grant was provided to enable the purchase of a vehicle for transporting captured poachers to court. The second grant was to provide emergency funding for law enforcement - noting the severe budgetary crisis being faced by conservation actors in Niassa due to the COVID-19 crisis. In late 2020, LRF then provided a record grant of $850,000 to support the conservation operations of the Niassa Conservation Alliance (which is a partnership among several conservation organizations in the Niassa National Reserve in Mozambique and affiliated concessionaires. The purpose of this grant was to increase collaboration among conservation actors in Niassa, to strengthen law enforcement and associated monitoring, and to help create a safe zone of >10,000 km2 in which lions and their prey are well protected.