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            Emergency funding for anti-poaching and human-wildlife conflict mitigation

            Ed Selfe
            Grantee Conservation South Luangwa
            Type Protected Area Management
            Location South Luangwa National Park, Zambia
            Grant Amount $150,775
            Duration 1 year

            The COVID crisis caused a dramatic loss of income for Conservation South Luangwa, who raise a significant portion of their funding from tourism bed-night levies. In addition, Zambia Carnivore Program who work in partnership with them were similarly affected, albeit through reduced grant-income. LRF provided an emergency grant to achieve three things: a) to enable critical operations such as anti-snare patrols and de-snaring of snared animals to continue; b) to enable continuation of human-wildlife conflict mitigation. c) An innovative program to hire furloughed tourism staff to deliver essential conservation services - to ensure that the community benefits from conservation continue to some extent even during the COVID crisis.