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            Community-based conservation in Western Botswana

            Grantee Kalahari Wildlands Trust (KWT)
            Type Human-wildlife Coexistence
            Location NG3 Wildlife Management Area, Botswana
            Grant Amount $25,000
            Duration 1 year

            KWT work with the communities in the Wildlife Management Areas in western Botswana to help delineate lands used for wildlife and those used for livestock, to minimise human-wildlife conflict, to tackle poaching and to develop capacity among local people. Lions are often subject to retaliatory killing and even targeted poaching in this area, threatening populations occurring in the adjacent protected areas in Namibia. LRF provided KWT with an emergency grant to enable this work to continue, providing space to allow for the development of a more focussed plan to promote lion conservation in the western borderlands of Botswana.