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            Building capacity for lion conservation in Mozambique

            Saving the Survivors
            Grantee Saving the Survivors
            Type Human-wildlife Coexistence
            Location Mozambique
            Grant Amount $114,156
            Duration 1 year

            The Mozambique Wildlife Alliance works closely with the wildlife authority in Mozambique (ANAC) to provide support for critical conservation services. LRF provided a grant to Saving the Survivors to help them undertake  a set of key activities of significance to lion conservation, including: veterinary care to allow for de-snaring and de-trapping of lions caught in snares and gin-traps (or ‘bear-traps’ as they are known in USA); efforts to prevent and react to human-lion conflict; anti-poaching to tackle gin-trapping in Central Mozambique; and helping to coordinate the activities of various conservation actors in the country.