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            A problem-oriented strategy to tackle the illegal bushmeat trade in Zambia

            Neil Midlane
            Grantee Wildlife Crime Prevention
            Type Tackling Illegal Wildlife Trade
            Location Zambia
            Grant Amount $104,200
            Duration 1 year

            The bushmeat trade is the single greatest threat to wildlife in Zambia. LRF provided WCP with a grant to develop a focussed bushmeat program, designed to tackle the illegal and commercial trade in bushmeat. This threat affects lions both by reducing the prey on which they depend, and also by causing direct mortality of lions in snares. With LRF support, WCP will adopt a 3-pronged strategy to deal with this threat; involving a) intelligence-based anti-trafficking to disrupt trade in bushmeat; b) support for the judiciary when dealing with bushmeat-related crimes; c) demand-reduction campaigns.